Friday, June 13, 2008

Some insights from Sophie.

Sophie took a break this morning to sit down with me for a conversation. We discussed pressing matters of global concern, as well as trivial fodder. The highlights:

There is no such thing as a dragon. There were once dinosaurs on Earth, but they "dried up".
The fiercest among them was the "Trap-asaurus". He stood 250 feet high, with "a little bit of colors on him, huge claws, and that's about it."

Global warming is "when it's very, very warm, and that's bad. If it happens, the global will burn up. If you touch it, it will burn your fingers."

George Bush is "a very bad president and he should go to jail and they should feed him raw horse meat."

It would be nice to travel to France, because they speak "bonjour" there.

There should be a new law so people can not "go over gates, especially the shaky, silver kind that say 'no going over the gate.' If people do that, they should have to go talk to a lawyer with their parents."

"Fashion is good, except for orange clothes. Orange should just be for lipstick."

There's no such thing as Jesus or God. Some people think Jesus is going to fall out of the clouds, and that's ridiculous. Jesus would not be fat enough to fall out of clouds.

Noel would like to throw in a joke that he made up. He's very proud of himself.

Q: What kind of bees make milk?
A: Boo-Bees.


Mary said...

Lars! You gotta get those little stinkers here soon! They're getting too old on us too fast! Tell Noel that I LOVED his joke!

yomama said...

Boy,that Sophie really gets me thinking. Can Jesus fly? Can you put your hand through him? Where does he go when it gets cold out? What do you think, Soph? And Noeli Boy, where did that joke come from, really?

zrusilla said...

I recently learned from a French youngster that the sun is named Marcel and has boiling salt on the inside.