Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What goes on in those little melons?

Children are full of an amazing amount of knowledge and wisdom about the world. Sophie informed me this afternoon that ramen noodles are made from cows. Noel once suggested that God might be an elf (which in my opinion is every bit as likely as him being some omnipotent, all-seeing entity.) I believe Jack said that I am a "cracker," yesterday. On one occasion, I discerned that Noel believed that firemen went to people's houses to START fires.

I think children must be the bravest people on Earth. Faced with such ideas as people being employed in the business of burning down houses, and, as Sophie once believed, the potential for having a limb sucked down the bathtub drain, they must perceive danger at every turn.

Dealing with the everyday stresses of childcare, mortgage payments, and proper role-modeling seems to pale in comparison to living with the belief that if you touch a caterpillar and rub your eyes, you will instantly go blind.

Sophie has been concerned about her blood sugar being low. She also occasionally decries intermittent back pain when asked to clean her room. Some weeks ago, she had a headache and sadly informed me that it was due to cancer.

The "real world" might be a scary place, but the one in which a child's mind exists seems every bit as intimidating. Still, kids get to climb around in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese's without getting weird looks. I think it's a trade-off.


Jackie a.k.a. haruka3_2000 said...

So your kid is calling you a cracker?

It's all downhill from here.

Don't worry. I was just kidding.

Last time I was called a cracker, it was over a slurpee incident at 7-11. And it wasn't my fault. It was my friend Allen's fault. Bastard.

Lara said...

Hey you!
Glad to see ya! Sounds like you've been busy as hell!

Jack's been diggin' on these whale-shaped crackers.

Maybe he meant I was a whale. Everything looks big when you're three feet tall...