Monday, September 10, 2007

Freedom isn't Free! It's $3 an hour per 4 y/o boy!

I have been waiting. No, I have been WAAAAIIIITING for the start of the new school year.

For me, the resumption of school means two-hundred-and-ten minutes per morning with NO kids at home; three -and-a-half unbroken hours in which I can frolic with unbridled joy, reveling in the solitude that September finally affords me. I can enjoy wild, unabashed, trivial pursuits like bathing and doing my own homework.

My anticipation of free time has proved painfully slow to be realized.

Noel started school last Tuesday. Sophie started Kindergarten on Thursday. I THOUGHT Jack started preschool on Tuesday, but found out he did not start until today.

This morning was hectic and frustrating. Jack screamed and flailed madly when I tried to brush his teeth. Noel lost his shoes. Sophie told me she left her jacket at school. It was about forty degrees, and no one wanted to wear pants.

In the back of my mind a small voice whispered, "it's okay- they're ALL going to school today. You will have your peace. Just shove them in the van and GO!"

And so I did. And as I approached the elementary school, intent on unloading the first two of my three spawn, I wondered why people were walking AWAY from the building. It didn't matter, though. All that mattered was that I was unloading those little suckers and then I was going home ALONE!

And then I saw the sign: "POWER OUTAGE. NO SCHOOL TODAY!"

I shuddered.

The school nurse was standing on the lawn. I rolled down my window.

"Nooooooo!" I hollered, "You HAVE to take them! I brought them here! I will go get candles!"

That earned me little more than guffaws and a friendly wave from the nurse.

And so we went home. And I didn't get my quiet time. Or my shower. And I do believe the leisure time gods are crapping on me from above and laughing.

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Jess said...

Ha! I'm pretty sure I know that school nurse. I'm also pretty sure she was giddy as hell that she had some free time AWAY from school! ;)

Seriously - why didn't those power outages happen when WE were in school?